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quality tree servicesOn occasion, property owners should have a professional evaluation of their trees. Quite often, they will not see what an experienced tree care professional will. Often trees can become a hazard to house, barn or other outbuildings, Tree's may need to be trimmed away from buildings or trimmed for light on lawns and garden areas. Dying, unhealthy trees or trees with deadwood pose a danger and need to be addressed quickly. With beautiful views to enjoy in our area, many trim in order to maintain or enhance that view. Whatever your concern may be, with 50 years of experience in Sonoma County, Sturgeon Tree Service is ready to help. If you would appreciate a knowledgeable and honest appraisal of your trees and their health, call Dan Sturgeon today. Dan will gladly meet with you to discuss your concerns and provide the fastest and most cost effective solution. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. As always, consultations are free.

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